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RITMO Snow Academy

English Guide

English Guide

Our lesson in 2022-23 winter season has been ended.  We appreciate for many customers coming.  We will update this website as soon as the details of next year's business are decided(scheduled to be updated around September 2023).

Ski & Snowboard Lesson


Regular Lesson


A brilliant ski experience for first timers.

This program is conducted by a coach who speaks some basic English.

We are going to teach you the most basic of basics in this session.

​Covered for the first timers 4 years-old or older.

*Kids under 6 years-old need to join it under the supervision of their guardian.

*We don't use a chairlift in this program.

*To apply this program, please come to our reception directly.

  We don't accept any reservation for it.

Morning    10:30 ~ 12:00

Afternoon 14:00 ~ 15:30

Lesson Hours

Reception Hours

Morning  8:50 ~ 9:45

Afternoon 12:30 ~ 13:15

Reception Place

West▶Next to the ski rental in west locker room (for Prince Hotel guests)

    late December 2022 ~ mid March 2023.
East▶East: Next to the building of rental ski, inside Dolomiti

Lesson Fee: 

\5,000 per person

■Private Lesson (reservation-only)

We have private lessons for customers who cannot speak Japanese.

Coaches use gesture and some basic English words to make you understand easily.

You can enjoy special experience of snowsports with your coach.


* For a much attentive service, Private lesson plans are available for individual and 2-4 group private lessons.
* For pupils requesting lessons for more than five people, please contact us.
   We recommend a lesson operated by 2 coaches for over 5 people.  

   Lessons for more than 4 people per coach, it is an additional 4,000 yen for Half day and 7,000 yen for All day.
* Only English private lesson, you can take a lesson in English. Other class lesson are only in Japanese.
   Additional fee will be charged for English private lessons.

* About the lesson fee, please refer the calendar above.

Lesson Hours

Morning    10:00 ~ 12:00

Afternoon 13:30 ~ 15:30

Reception Hours

Morning  8:50 ~ 9:45

Afternoon 12:30 ~ 13:15

West▶Next to the ski rental in west locker room (for Prince Hotel guests)

    late December 2022 ~ mid March 2023.
East▶East: Next to the building of rental ski, inside Dolomiti

Reception Place

Plus Private Lesson(reservation-only)

The Popular Plus Private Lesson. Lessons are carried out in less busy periods,

such as early mor nings and late evenings.
The regular Private Lessons can be integrated to fit your needs.

Lesson Hours: 

AM 8:30 ~ 9:30
PM 4:00 ~ End of lift service

How to book

how to book

①Please click the application form below.

*We don't accept any snowboard private lesson reservation any more.  We request you to come to our reception directly to inqure on the day.

②Please select the slot you want to book.  

*Only available slots are displayed.

③We will send you an invoice, we request you to pay the fee by the due date.

*Please note that your reservation will be cancelled if you miss the due date.


Rental Shop Dolomiti

We own our rental shop Dolomiti in East wing.
We are sure that you will like our great service at Dolomiti.

AM 8:00 ~ PM 5:00 ( or end of lift service)

  Business Hours:

  Business Priod:

3rd November, 2022 ~ 2nd April, 2023


You can check in or apply a lesson and rent equipments at the same time here. 

We recommend you to ​come here at the latest 30 minutes before a lesson starts in that case.

Pricing List

■Ski / Snowboard Rental

Dolomiti_Rental_Pricing 22-23.png

■Outfits Rental

Dolomiti_outfit_Rental_Pricing 22-23.png

*Rentals for Gloves and hats are not available. Please bring them with you.
*On the day of Rental, please bring your Identification(driving license, student license, employee card, insurance etc).
*We do not do refunds, despite weather changes or any other reasons.
*We strongly recommend to wear helmet especially for children participating in lessons.
*Keep in mind that there are limits to the the binding functionality and other equipment.  
   It is not something that guarantees your total safety.  Please use responsibly according to your ability.
Booking form (registeration will be required.)

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